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I own a few acres of land and I wanted to split it up so that I can sell multiple parcels. Can I do that?

Splitting acreage can be a tricky process and it will generally start with looking at specific language located in the property deed itself.   Sometimes there will be restrictions either in the deed or previous deeds that restrict or prohibit splitting a parcel of land.  You should consult with a real estate attorney to review your conveyance documents.

I purchased a home a few years ago and the seller assured me that the basement did not have any water issues. Now there is flooding in the basement every time it rains. What can I do? What are my rights?

Generally speaking, a homeowner has  2 to 6  years to bring an action against a former owner of a home for knowing and failing to disclose defects in their property.  You need to speak with a real estate attorney to determine if the statute of limitations is applicable to you.  

What is an "ancient claim"?

In the context of property title and marketable title, an ancient claim relates to defects or clouds in a property’s title that might otherwise interfere with a property owner’s ability to convey marketable title.  These “ancient claims” can be safely ignored if the title abstractor or attorney uses a method to review the validity of said claim.  This is true even if the claim may appear in the chain of record title to a Michigan parcel. 


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